Recycle And Reuse Your Content

By November 28, 2011Blogging, Content
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As a small business owner, one of the constant problems you face is creating quality content on a regular basis. Whether it’s a holiday, personal vacation, or just subpar performance from key members of your support team, addressing these lulls in between great pieces of content can be quite troublesome. I’ve got an idea that may make it easier to fill the gaps – repackaging your content in new ways. If you are anything like me, you are using many different avenues to deliver your content, including webinars, e-books, and videos. To make the most of the content pieces that stand out, you can find methods to repackage them in a way that brings new visitors to your site.

Videos as Blog Posts

The first is the easiest. If you have loaded a few videos on YouTube or another video hosting service and are getting a decent number of views, it may be a good idea to bring the video directly to your blog. Most blog designs have an easy way to incorporate video and will allow it to be embedded directly into a post. With a little bit of text to help with page ranking, the same video will be attracting viewers from two different sources at the same time.

E-Book Creation

A video can actually be used in another way as well. By taking a good series of videos on a particular subject, you can create an e-book with the content. Modern enhanced e-books can also be used to combine text and video to give a reader a complete multimedia experience. Not only will turning a video into an e-book bring new customers your way, but it will also show your commitment to staying on top of current technology.

Other Ideas

Taking the single piece of content one step further, you could use the e-book you have created as the source material for a webinar, a fast-growing technology used to teach clients online. Another option is to create a simple game. Yet another idea is to use the comments from a single blog post as the starting point for a new entry. In this manner, you can continue exploring a specific dialogue with the people that read your blog on a regular basis.

The idea that content starts to go stale as soon as it’s published is simply untrue. With an inventive mind, the same content can be presented in different ways to reach the many audiences out there. If you’re looking for some help in transforming your old quality content into new vibrant e-books, webinars, games, or other formats, drop me a line and let us show you how it can be done.