The Best Way to Post on Facebook

By April 24, 2012Social Media

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Automation is not always all it’s cracked up to be. Countless online marketers use third-party software to send new updates to their Facebook account, but this way of posting may be penalized by how the social network operates. It seems that more than just a profile’s appearance was changed by the new Timeline feature. A recent study has shown that content posted using a third-party software is getting far less attention than content posted directly on the Facebook website. So what’s going on and should you stop using your convenient posting software?

Behind the Scenes

Like Google for search rankings, Facebook has a complex algorithm that they use to decide which content makes it to the top of a person’s feed. Called EdgeRank, it incorporates a combination of the time content was posted, the strength of the relationship between the poster and receiver, and how many other Facebook users have already interacted with the content. With all of these EdgeRank factors, a piece of content can move up and down a feed in the same way that a web page can gain or lose Google ranking positions. Content posted from a third-party program automatically appears lower on a feed than the same content if it was posted on the Facebook website.

What to Do

It seems that this problem showed up during the move to the new Timeline format. The new style has several good tools for online marketers and is not going anywhere, so you should start to get comfortable with the new layout if you haven’t already. Facebook knows about the third-party software problem and are working on a solution, so this issue will probably go away with time. However, until it’s clearly fixed, you should make sure to post on the Facebook website whenever possible to make sure your content is getting the attention it deserves.

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