The Dreaded Email Newsletter

By April 18, 2012Email Marketing

How many times have you opened up your email inbox and immediately deleted a newsletter from a business that you follow without even glancing at its contents? Or did you take it one step further and unsubscribe? The truth is that the majority of email newsletters are poorly written and designed, but they are still an essential part of maintaining an active presence in the minds of your followers and nurturing leads. Taking the time to do it right will mean that your followers are actually happy to receive your newsletters and learn what’s going on with your business. What makes the difference between a good and bad newsletter? Let’s take a look.

What a Newsletter Should Be

The problem with most newsletters is that they are very thinly disguised promotional material and are all about getting a new sale. Your newsletter should be much more than this, really existing as a way of sharing what is important to your business and why it should matter to your followers. Instead of focusing only on a brand new product or service, a newsletter needs to take a big picture approach and highlight several different aspects of your business in a way that makes the visitor want to learn more. If you want to talk about a new product or service, that’s fine, but make sure you are not taking a sales perspective towards your readers. If they are interested in your new offerings, they know where to find you.

Why People Unsubscribe

The biggest mistake that most companies make in their email newsletters is that they don’t do any customization to make sure that the newsletter fits the reader. When a person sees something that doesn’t look like it was intended for them, they reach for the unsubscribe button. To avoid this, you need to segment your followers by what they are interested in and then deliver a different newsletter to each segment. Obviously, there will be a decent bit of overlap, but it means that your followers won’t be getting information that is completely useless to them and will be more receptive to what you have to say.

Before sending out a new edition of your email newsletter, take a look at it and decide whether you would read it or send it straight to the trash. If the answer is the latter option, we can show you what needs to be changed. With experience in effective newsletter generation, we can help with creating an attractive layout as well as helping you choose the right subjects for your regular newsletter.